December 10, 2013
LONDON: Michael Wolf | ‘Architecture of Density’

17 Jan – 22 Feb 2014

at Flowers Gallery

21 Cork Street, WIS 3LZ London

December 04, 2013
SHANGHAI: Michael Wolf | ‘Small God Big City’

M97 Gallery is pleased to present SMALL GOD, BIG CITY, an exhibition of photographic works by internationally renowned artist Michael Wolf. The SMALL GOD, BIG CITY exhibition takes the viewer through the oeuvre of one of Asia’s most prolific photographers. The exhibition features over 100 photographs from seven of Michael Wolf’s bodies of work: My Favorite ThingHong Kong Back Door (2003), Architecture of Density (2003-07), Industrial Architecture (2006), Tokyo Compression (2010), Small God, Big City (2012), and Scout Shots; the recently released collection of small format pictures of buildings taken by Wolf in scouting trips around Hong Kong, while working on his Density and Industrial series.

Beginning with his back alleyway street photography with the series My Favorite Thing and Hong Kong Back Door (2003), Wolf’s camera is always interested in the human footprint and traces of the individual left, and often lost, amidst the chaotic density of the Asian megacity of Hong Kong, where Wolf has lived since the 1990s. The traces of human makeshift ingenuity recorded by Wolf is not sardonic whimsy, but fascination with the creative and improvisational ability and resilience of the individual, who is forced to be resourceful in an unfriendly environment where physical space has been commercialized and commoditized perhaps more than anywhere else on the planet. This struggle of the human spirit reclaiming and reinventing the limited physical space and means we are giving is a constant throughout Wolf’s photographic oeuvre.

M97 Gallery address: No. 97 Moganshan Road, 2nd floor, Shanghai, China 200060 T. (+8621) 6266 1597 – info(at)

November 30, 2013
SHANGHAI: Michael Wolf | Industrial Architecture

SHANGHAI Fri Dec 6th, 7-10pm

paustian / m97 / anken

invite you to an evening with michael wolf and his acclaimed large format photography works [industrial architecture]

Address: Paustian: 1C, Ground Floor, No. 668 Huai An Road, Jing An District, Shanghai

Tel: + 86 139 1645 2400 |

October 14, 2013
talk: constructing the view

2 November 2013, Irish Museum of Modern Art  (10am – 6pm)

A day of conversations between photographers, architects and theorists exploring the ways in which photography may be used not just in recording built space, but also in its conception, design, evaluation and investigation.

This event aims to focus in particular on ‘lived space’- meant in two senses, firstly that space is something inhabited and occupied, and secondly that space itself can take on aspects of life, can appear as an organic, animate entity. There will be three conversations over the course of the day, culminating in discussion involving photographer Thomas Struth and Michael Wolf.


October 14, 2013
exhibition at Bau-Xi Gallery in Toronto

solo exhibition showing Transparent City and Architecture of Density

from 9 – 23 November 2013

opening reception saturday 9 november, 2-4 pm


b a u – x i p h o t o

324 dundas st west 

toronto, ontario, m5t 1g5
tel: 416 977 0400 




September 01, 2012
exhibition: paris street view

on view: oct 11 – dec 15, 2012
opening reception: wednesday, oct 10, 2012

kulturhaus osterfeld
osterfeldstr. 12
75172 pforzheim

August 29, 2012
book launches “bottrop ebel 1976” and “tokyo compression 3”

the new books of michael wolf will be presented:

– september 22nd, 2012 at the unseen photo fair in amsterdam/netherlands
– october 5th, 2012 at 25books in berlin/germany.

August 08, 2012
exhibition: in appropriation

curated by aaron schuman
on view: sept 7 – oct 28, 2012
opening reception: friday, september 7, 2012

houston center for photography
1441 west alabama
houston, tx 77006

• adam broomberg & oliver chanarin
• melinda gibson
• seba kurtis
• esther teichmann
• michael wolf

‘in appropriation’ presents a selection of contemporary photographers who directly instigate strikingly new photographic work through the appropriation of pre-existing imagery – whether it be found, historical, canonical, personal, archival or otherwise.
‘appropriation’ has been an important conceptual strategy within the visual arts for nearly a century. but in the case of the artists presented here, this act is not purely a matter of taking an image from one context – be it history, advertising, or the vernacular – and placing it within another: that of the gallery, the museum, ‘fine art’. instead, these photographers are carefully examining, incorporating, and then transforming – or riffing off of –such pictures in an effective, engaging, and incredibly original manner.

within the digital age, photography’s past and present (and in a sense, its future) have collapsed and merged, and at the same time have been revealed to be seemingly infinite and ever-growing. this exhibition represents a new generation of practitioners who are harnessing the power of this collective mass of imagery, and are using it to instigate and inspire brave new forms of critical inquiry, creative experimentation, political engagement and personal expression.